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In a move that is sure to cause ructions on the traditional music scene in Galway, concertina player Jack Talty has started a new series of concerts to rival the Tunes in the Church, named ‘Tunes in the Chipper.

This news comes just days after a video of a group of musicians, including Talty himself, playing in Vinnie’s chipper in Galway at 3:30 in the morning went viral, prompting calls for more impromptu recitals alongside greasy fast-food.

After the success of the video, Talty ran with the idea of ‘Tunes in the Chipper’ in an effort to rival his longstanding concertina partner Cormac Begley, the Baron of St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, who runs the immensely successful Tunes in the Church series.

“I decided it was high time I did something about the music here in Galway! Begley was going around in all these fancy suits telling me he’s rakin’ in the money. He even said he’s after ordering a gold-plated low-low D concertina!”

“I wanted a piece of the action and after that video of us in the chipper went viral I knew I was onto something! For too long people have wanted to listen to traditional Irish music in an intimate session while accompanied by various take-away dishes.”

The Tunes in the Chipper series is set to take place in Vinnie’s chipper in Galway twice a week and will feaure a number of well known local and national musicians.

Each musician will be playing alongside a dish specifically picked with their instrument in mind. Acts already confirmed are Talty himself on concertina alongside some curry chips, uilleann piper Padraic Keane accompanied by a spice-bag and accordion player Conor Connolly on the snack-box.

This has angered Begley however who intends to sue his friend for all he’s got for infringement of copyright regarding the name and logo of the recitals.

“I couldn’t believe it! My own partner betraying me! Well everyone knows my concertina is bigger than his so we’ll see who comes out on top when I take this to court!!!”



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