Nasa has released the audio of the conversations Apollo 10 astronauts had upon hearing what they called "outer space tin whistle music", prompting people to speculate about the presence of Irish traditional music in space.

In the recording from 1969, you can clearly hear a strange, individual style, Clare whistle playing over the radio and the astronauts reactions. Taken during the Apollo 10 mission, this is one of tthe only known recordings of Irish music in space.

Traditional musicians have called it a miracle and a sign from the Irish music God, Frankie Gavin, that there is 'intelligent life' in space. But scientists disagree saying this is impossible.

"This could not be the case. Irish musicians cannot be classed as intelligent life. Unfortunately one has to have a certain IQ and most musicians don't qualify!"

"We suspect that radio waves from Radio na Gaeltachta reached all the way out to space. They have a paticularly powerful radio tower as they need to penetrate all the way into Connemara, an area with notoriously thick air."

The scientist also pointed out that wind instrument like the whistle could simply not work in space as there is no air. Musicians are not convinced however and are sure this is the sign that there are at least Clare-men in space. They seem to recognise the playing as one of their own.

"Ah Jaysus I'd recognise that playin' anywhere! Sure 'tis Micho himself! Either that, or some alien has taken a liking to his playing!"


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