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A local man obssessed with the great 1930s traditional musicians, has stunned his friends and family by admitting to the terrifying secret that he "sees dead musicians".

The revelation came as a shock to many as the fiddler, who listens constantly to and imitates musicians like Michael Coleman, James Morrison, John McKenna and Paddy Killoran, admitted that the reason he has been acting to strange is that he sees dead musicians like his heroes walking around "just like regular musicians".

The man went on to say that this in fact has been the case for nearly his entire life, influencing his choices of music and directly shaping the way he plays himself.

"Everywhere I look I see dead musicians. They walk around and play in session just like regular folk but they don't know they're dead. This has been happenind as far back as I can remember!"

"Some might call it a blessing but I'm sick of it. They're always asking me for names of tunes and stuff. It's really annoying. They're always arguing with each other as well and trying to tell me who I should listen to. Coleman is the worst for it! He's always tellin' me to ignore Killoran and Morrison as he says they're not as good as him!"

The ghosts even go so far as to enter the Fleadh the man said but they never get placed, prompting angry reactions to the adjudicators with some dead musicians even 'mooning' them. However as the adjudicators can't see them they never get disqualified.

Other musicians have noticed the man's strange behaviour in the past, with some saying that he always seemed to have a few empty seats around him in a session, he used to appear to talk to himself and walked around in strange clothes from the 1930s.

One local musician told The Drone that he thinks it's all a ruse and that the man is actually just "some gobshite who thinks he's Coleman reincarnated".


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