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Posters looking for a 'lost accompanist' have popped up all over the local town during the usual weekly session leaving many people worried about the accompanist and his whereabouts.

The posters showing a picture of the man say, 'Lost Accompanist: Last seen at the start of a set of tunes but became completely lost, playing in the wrong key and rhythm. If found, please return to the key of D'.

The man responsible for the posters told The Drone of the accompanist's last movements and where the man is often seen.

"We were at the local session the other night as normal when this guitar player came in. It was clear he had no idea about trad music but sat in anyway. We had decided to go into a set of reels and it was then the man became lost."

"He had no rhythm and no idea about the key of the tune, he was completely lost! We tried gesturing to him and giving him the looks but it was to late. He was already gone! Now we don't even know where is! He seems to be in his own world."

In an effort to find the man, the session leader put up lost posters during the session to encourage anyone with information to come forward.

"It's really for the sake of the music! The longer he remains lost, the more likely this session will turn to shite!"


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