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Dublin Airport was on alert today after a passenger jet was struck by what is thought to be a set of uilleann pipe drones as it came into land.

Aer Lingus flight EI104 was coming into land when suddenly a full set of uilleann pipe drones came crashing into the front of the plane and into the cockpit, taking the pilots completely by surprise, Gardai said.

The plane was 1,700 feet in the air at the time but landed safely after the drones left the cockpit of their own free will. The pilot described the harrowing experience.

"That's not something you see everyday. We had encountered these drones before but didn't expect this to happen. The worst thing was, when it came into the cockpit, the drones flew around playing hop jigs and slow airs on its own!"

"We weren't hurt in the incident but our ears are still ringing from how loud they were. We managed to bring the plane down safely after the drones left but it goes to show you can't be too careful anywhere these days, not just in sessions."

Authorities said the incident highlighted the reckless use of the instrument by people who don't know how to control them properly. They have warned other airlines that the air space above Dublin Airport is fast becoming filled with the instruments due to their popularity.

They told people to be wary on their next flight for any UFOs (Uilleannidentified Flying Objects) and to report any suspicious looking pipers to the relevent authorities.


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