A local pub owner has had to order extra copies of the census form after running out of space in the 'Persons Present' section for all the musicians in his pub on census night.

The pub which hosts traditional music sessions throughout the week, was unprepared for the entire, local population of traditional musicians to show up on census night, leaving the owner stressing out about where he would fit all of their names on his copy of the form.

Despite the census claiming to be a snapshot of the country at 8pm on Sunday the 24th of April with everyone filling it in at the same time, all the local traditional musicians decided to spend the occasion playing music, much to the anger of the pub owner.

"What the hell am I going to do? On the form there's enough space for about 4 other 'Persons Present' but there's about 150 musicians here! Feckin' gobshites can't stay at home for one night to fill out their own forms."

"The census people now have to send me extra pages so I can fit all their names on. God help me if I'm gonna have to write down all their names and occupations and shite...They can feckin' do it themselves."

The musicians themselves appeared to be oblivious to the owner's rage and seemingly to their own obligations for filling out the form. However some of the musicians themselves seemed happy with their choice for this year's census claiming it was an improvement from their previous location.

"Sure during the last census I woke up in a bin and had to have the bin man fill in mine for me."


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