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A county Fleadh adjudicator is taking an opportunity during another competitor’s awful performance to catch up on a few missed episodes of Game of Thrones.

Sick of having to sit through the 30th entrant in the under-9 Tin Whistle competition, the man instead decided to whip out his phone and catch up on this week’s episode of the fantasy television series.

During yet another rendition of The Dingle Regatta, the man slyly left his phone out on the table with ear phones cleverly smuggled up his sleeve in order to take in the dragony goodness.

“I’ve been sitting here for 2 hours and can’t take it anymore”, his thoughts reveal, “I might as well zone out and watch a bit of GoT. Sure they’re all crap anyway. I’ll just pick 3 at random.”

“God I wish they wouldn’t make so many mistakes. It’s painful stuff. God that Daenerys one is a ride. I’d love to…actually, better not think of that in front of a packed room of parents of under 9s. Might get the wrong impression.”

Despite a room filled with attentive parents watching on, the adjudicator darts his eyes back and forth from his mobile phone screen as the 31st competitor takes to the stage.

The man remains calm the whole time, even when he leaps out of his seat and gasps at the death of a major character he mantains his cover by simply telling the audience:

“FUCKING HELL…eh…God yeah that was lovely ornamentation there. What did you do again? Play the first part 3 times and the second part once while leaving out 3 bars? Lovely stuff…”


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