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The man accused of wrecking a session featuring some of traditional music’s best players is selling the fiddle he used to ruin the great event.

Jimmy McGubbin entered The Cobblestone last year as a number of top class local musicians sat down to play and took out his fiddle. He then proceeded to destroy and chance of having a decent tune with said fiddle which he has now placed on Ebay.

McGubbin said that he is taking a stand against the elitism he said is infiltrating the traditional music scene and he is fully within his rights to sit in and wreck any session he likes.

“I’ve been learning fiddle for a few months now and put my lack of skills up against anyone elses. There are many traditional musicians out there who think they can just sit down and dictate the standard of music they want in a session. This is ridiculous!”

“I have a right to sit in and play regardless of my ability. If that ends up wrecking their session, that’s their problem. It’s all subjective anyway. One man’s out of tune scraping is another man’s ‘old style playing’.”

Bids are starting at €500 with the instrument expected to fetch upwards of €1000 as follower of McGubbin’s anti-elitist cause show their support. However real musicians have said that the auction is sick and morbid, showing a complete lack of respect for the passed session.

“This is what the world has come to! People are willing to spend money on an item that is associated with despicable act! Unbelieveable!”


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