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A gold medal winner at the local County Fleadh has expressed his anger and disappointment after discovering that his 1st place medals are not made of actual gold.

The under-12 competitor swept the board at a number of competitions at his local Fleadh and told The Drone he walked home thinking he was going to be rich but was horrified to discover that his gold medals were not what they seemed.

Upon scratching the surface he found that the medals were made from a cheap alloy and simply coated in a gold coloured plating. He told us of his dismay:

“What a joke! This isn’t real gold! I had planned to melt these medals down or try and get some cash for gold so I could buy some Lego. I can’t do that anymore seeing as they are completely worthless!”

“I worked my ass off for these medals! I had perfected Down by the Sally Gardens and thought I had earned that gold. I’m gonna send the medals back to Comhaltas HQ and address it to ‘Lying Scum’.”

The medals won at the various Fleadhanna around the countryside have always been a source of ridicule due to their cheap feel and even cheaper plastic holders with many musicians choosing to use them as coasters rather than display them proudly.

The boy told The Drone that he thinks they were fake gold because it was just a county Fleadh and is expecting big things at the provincial Fleadh.

“I think they only had fake gold because the county Fleadh doesn’t have much money. I’m sure at the next round they will have proper gold medals. Cult-Ass would never hand out the same shitty medals for every competition at every Fleadh every year, would they?”


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