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Dublin City Council has been inundated with complaints over the sunny weekend from people saying that one of their neighbours has been openly sunbathing in his garden with his flute out.

Residents of the quiet council estate say that the musician has been out all weekend, brazenly playing with his flute while sunbathing, despite numerous complaints and warnings from neighbours over his inappropriate behaviour.

The neighbours have said they are at their wits end with the man who has been out in his back garden all weekend without a care in the world. One bouzouki playing neighbour told The Drone:

"It started first thing Friday evening when I got home. I had just got in from a long day of standing behind things when I peeked over the fence and this flute staring me in the face. The long shaft, the round tip and dripping everywhere...I knew it was a Rudall and Rose."

"All weekend he had it out playing in the garden. People would try and say something to him because there's only so much of The Bucks of Oranmore one can take but he would just wave it in our faces. I'd say he was just looking for attention."

Out of concern for their children people closed the shutters and kept them inside, saying that no child should be exposed to such flute playing at an early age.

"He had a whistle as well which he pulled out of some crevasse. No idea where he got it but he lashed into some Willie Clancy tunes. I thought we'd have enough of the 'W' today already."

Despite complaints the man sat out and played on, eventually falling asleep from exhaustion and completely on display. It's already thought that Cruinniu na bhFluit organisers have booked the man for teaching and a performance at the festival next year.


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