A tin whistle left inside a car on one of the hottest days of the year is now dangerously dehydrated.

The tin whistle was left by its owner on the front seat in the sweltering heat for over two hours, causing it to heat up dramatically and is close to becoming devoid of any saliva whatsoever.

Most tin whistles are made of 90% saliva and 10% tin, however that percentage has dropped, leaving the tin whistle worrying when its owner will return.

"When the hell is this gobshite coming back? Left me here on the seat to shrivel up and die. Although the alternative is probably worse. I mean, who would want to be pressed against those fat lips again for hours on end?"

Tin whistles are known to work best with plenty of saliva as dry whistles produce a very stiff sound. This has led to tin whistlers gaining the reputation of being the slobberyist of the traditional musicians.

Unfortunately for this tin whistle, it is dangerously close to dehydration which will leave it useless to play. Garda have warned musicians that it is now illegal to leave instruments in a hot car for any length of time and have encouraged passers by to smash the window in order to free any instrument they see locked up.


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