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The West coast island of Inisheer has reportedly run out of space for bodhran players in the lead up to this year’s Craiceann fest.

Every year the island is overrun by bodhran tappers but year has seen an explosion in interest, resulting in every inch of the island being taken up by a bodhran player right down to the shoreline.

Organisers say that the crowds are unprecedented and blame the spike in interest by every Tom, Dick and Harry in taking up the instrument.

“Every year there is always in increase but no-one saw this coming. There are literally bodhran players all across the island. Right now there is only a few small areas for standing space.”

“It’s because of all these people teaching the damn thing. They are sullying the good name of the bodhran player! We are proud of our craft and how hard we have worked on it! What they don’t understand is that it takes minutes to perfect!”

Bodhran players have been seen sleeping in trees, on the beach and in their natural habitat beneath parked cars. Locals are sick of the annual influx of these pests and lobbying to have the festival moved to Inishmore which is significantly bigger.

Experts have also allayed fears that the island will sink because of the amount of people, saying that it just isn’t possible.

“Yes it is a large amount of people on a small island but the bodhran players are not normal people. There isn’t much up top so there’s no real fear of them being too heavy.”


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