A man sitting at home watching Fleadh TV desperately hopes that everyone will just get along this year following the fall out after last year’s divisive television programme.

Lively debates descended into full blown arguments in the days after last year’s Fleadh, as people discussed the pros and cons of the live television programme.

This year, the mild mannered man is hoping for a more peaceful reaction to the festival coverage.

“I felt awful after reading all those threads on Facebook. People busing each other, people going off at one another for having opinions. Sure people might not like the show, but that’s no reason to call someone a gobshite!”

“The other side were at the same craic! Calling people who had valid reasons for not liking the show ‘old fashioned’ or ‘begrudgers’. Everyone doesn’t have to like the same things! Can’t we all just get along!”

The man suggested ways of cooling off if the programme flared up tempers which include talking a nice cold bath, going for a walk in the rain and going down to your local pub and getting blind drunk so you forget all about it.

Producers of the programme say that they expect all kinds of reactions and have organised for bodyguards to keep a close eye on all the programme makers, should any incidents arise.


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