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This year’s divisive Fleadh TV television programme has seen a startling rise in the number of local weirdos in the background of music sets.

Viewers all over the country have reported being disturbed by the amount of strange looking people seen jumping and clapping in the background while musicians film their sets.

While the programme has always been a source of controversy, this is the first time people have reported feeling a little sick after the programme. One viewer described what she saw:

“All I wanted to do was enjoy the music and see the craic. I didn’t expect to be looking at bright red faces, buck teeth and weird staring for 3 hours.”

“This type of filming out on the streets live seems to attract every sort of weirdo you can think of. They’re just there right in front of you, staring right into your soul. I felt a little sick after ward.”

Producers have said that attracting such unattractive looking attention is unavoidable as anyone is welcome to attend the filming.

Viewers maintain however that the situation is getting out of hand and that the actions and dancing of these weirdos being broadcast across the entire nation is damaging the image of Ireland and Irish music.

“People will think we’re an island full of unattractive nutjobs! We don’t want that! We want everyone to think we look like Liam Neeson, Ireland’s Princess.”


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