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French police were made to look foolish after mistaking The Dubliners’ body hair for burkinis while sunbathing on a beach in Nice.

The Irish ballad group were taking a break from their world tour to bathe in the Mediterranean when they were approached by French police and asked to remove their ‘furry burkinis’.

It was only after closer inspection that the police realised that they were in fact wearing regular men’s bathing suits and were just extremely hairy.

A spokesperson for the French police said: “The incident happened around midday when the beach was at it’s busiest. Our officers saw from quite a distance a number of men wearing what they thought were dark, wool burkinis.”

“They were told to remove the burkinis or be arrested. However when the police tried to forcibly remove the said burkinis, the men started screaming in pain. It was then that the officers realised this was in fact, body hair.”

When the ballad singers tried to explain themselves to the officers, the Gendarme attempted to forcibly remove the ‘burkinis’, but ended up tearing out chunks of hair instead.

Ballad singers are notoriously hairy, with The Dubliners a shining light for hairy men everywhere. The group themselves say they were taken completely by surprise and plan to press charges against the French officers.

John Sheahan told The Drone: “They were so damn rough! We were just having a swim and the next thing we knew they were trying to rip the beards off of us, saying it’s against the law to cover our faces! Our facial hair will never be the same…”


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