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Musician Glen Hansard and self-styled humanitarian junkie Bono have signed a contract with Universal to star in an updated version of the classic film and television series ‘The Odd Couple’, and is to be set in Apollo House.

Following week long talks, the Oscar winning duo have signed on for two series, telling the story of how they moved in together following the successful homeless demonstrations at Apollo House, with Bono acting as the neat, uptight one and Glen Hansard as the scruffy, lice-ridden, unclean one.

When asked about the move the duo said that it made sense seeing as they now ‘like to spend their time amongst the common man’, albeit once a year busking on Grafton Street on Christmas Eve and whenever there is a social group that needs assistance.

“I think this is a real step into the next stage of our careers”, mused Bono, “I’ve been longing to throw off the shackles of playing with U2 and spending my millions and become on with the common man.”

“With this series, me and Glen will portray real people and the struggles they go through when one of them leaves a sock on the floor, or a sneaky poo in the fridge, I’m looking at you Glen.”

The series is expected to draw further attention to Dublin’s appalling homeless crisis after Apollo House drew the gaze of the media with the support of high-profile acts including the duo along with Hozier and manuy others.

Hansard told The Drone that the flatmates will traverse hard-hitting themes such as when Bono gets angry at Glen for not polishing his Oscar, when Glen gets angry at Bono for trying to play his favourite termite infested guitar and Bono ‘accidentally-but-on-purpose’ throws away Glen’s lucky soiled blankie.

Glen Hansard: “It’s not often that two superpowers like us come together like this and raise awareness of serious issues like being untidy around a tidy person. And of course homelessness, we support that too. Apollo House is trending, it’s so hot right now.”

‘The Apollo Odd Couple’ is set to air on screens from February.


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