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A video of a group of young musicians on a return flight to Dublin has gone viral after is showed them having a music session on the wing of their plane.

In an effort to out-do similar videos that have gone before, the musicians took their instruments out of their cases during a flight back from Glasgow and proceeded to go out the emergency exit onto the wing of the plane and began playing.

This is the latest in a series of what seems to be a never-ending trend of people filming themselves playing music on an aircraft mid-flight. One onlooker told The Drone what he saw.

“We were about 10 minutes into our flight back to Dublin when these people around me started opening up instrument cases to a series of sighs and ‘Here we go again’ from a lot of the other passengers.”

“Then they all just stood up, walked over to the emergency exit and walked out onto the wing and started playing! Incredible scenes! Of course the sudden change in cabin pressure meant some people died and were sucked out of the plance but they got their viral video anyway!”

It wasn’t long before the video went viral, eclipsing the countless others that have gone before it. Genius behind the video, accordion player Darragh Curran, said that the spontaneous nature of the video took months of planning.

“Ye know, it was nothing really. We just wanted to show everyone how much craic we are so we needed to think of something special. We had to go above and beyond the other ‘session on an airplane’ videos that were out there and we did just that.”

Not all the passengers were enamoured however, with many saying this was a highly dangerous act and the families of the victims should file charges against the musicians.

Another passenger told us: “I’m sick of these bloody videos. I fly a lot because of work and this is the sixth flight out of about ten that there has been a session on. Tell them all to stay in the fecking pub.”


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