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Irish dancing star Michael Flatley and his dance troop surprised the world when they performed at the Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump wearing imitation Trump wigs.

Flatley promised a surprise as he and his performers walked out on stage shrouded in smoke but when the smoke cleared, they were revealed to be wearing exact replicas of US President Donald Trump's hair piece.

The crowd cheered with excitement as the irony of a foreign dance troop, performing to foreign music was completely lost on the anti-immigration supporting Trump and his rag-tag followers. Flatley told The Drone that it was the greatest honour of his life to perform for the despot.

"I love Trump and to perform for him was a dream. I feel a great connection to him seeing as we are both worth millions of dollars, we both have very yellow hair and we both have shows that reduce beautiful women to mere objects."

"I thought the wigs would show my support for this wonderful leader. The other dancers were a bit apprehensive as I don't think they support him as much as I do, but they were all on board when I threatened them with the sack!"

In order to gain the full Trump hair effect, Flatley used wind machines to show the hair pieces in full flight. Much criticism has been aimed at Flatley for accepting the invitation to perform after so many others refused, but says that this is just a few begrudgers.

"You're always going to get people who will give out for the sake of it. But at the end of the day, this was a great opportunity for Ireland and Irish music and dance to show its support for a racist, misogynistic and arrogant leader."


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