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Hundreds of traditional Irish music bands classifying themselves as 'alternative trad' have appeared pretty much overnight after Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway's appearance on NBC news.

Trump advisor Conway defended statements made by the Trump camp regarding the number of people at his inauguration by calling them 'alternative facts', prompting a strange reaction in traditional music circles with many 'alternative trad' acts appearing seemingly out of the blue.

Many of these 'alternative trad' acts have alined themselves with Trump and offered support for 'alternative' aspects in every part of life. The Drone spoke to one such band:

"We think Trump is really brave to come out statements like this and it makes the alternative side of traditional music extremely happy and positive for the future. People have asked us what is so alternative about alternative trad?"

"It's simple really. We play jigs, reels and the like but not in the same rhythm. Well, the tunes don't have any rhythm or any real base in music really. We literally make it up as we go along, much like Trump...and Kila. "

Other traditional musicians have accused 'alternative trad' musicians of simply fishing for gigs and inventing the term. The Trump supporters disagree.

"We are just one section of 'alternative lifestyles' in Irish music. There are alternative dancers who simply writhe around on the floor, there are alternative lilters who simply scream at the top of their lungs for 5 minutes and alternative accompanists. They actually accompany traditional music properly...hence alternative."

The 'alternative trad' camp have said this isn't a new term and that they have been around for years. Cult-Ass Commander Chairman Lan has even gone as far to say that he coined the term 'alternative facts' years ago, explaining many of Cult-Ass's actions.

Chairman Lau: "That's a term I came up with years ago. Here's a few examples: 1. My statements during the Clontarf Cult-Ass row; 2. Saying I'm not really in charge of everything that goes on; and 3. I get paid pittance for this role. "


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