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In what might be seen as a stomach sickening change, TG4 has changed the trophies awarded at the Gradam Ceoil to Michael Coleman's severed head.

Many expected this year's award to go by largely event free but that changed after the first Gradam Ceoil recipient was handed a bloodied severed head belonging to legendary 1930s fiddler, Michael Coleman.

Viewers were shocked when each recipient was given the same award rather than the customary individual designs. Young Musician of the Year Liam O'Brien spoke of receiving his award:

"I walked up expecting to be handed the usual award. I know they're heavy but I expected that. But when I put out my hands I was given an almighty fright I can tell you that. A head! But not just any oil head. Michael Coleman's!"

"I couldn't believe it. I was in shock and there was me at the same time trying to keep a hold of the thing as the blood made it slip out of my hands. I was thinking 'Jesus this is gonna look awful morbid on my mantelpiece'."

Each winner was more shocked than the next, with gasps and shrieks being drawn from the crowd when Donal Lunny dropped his head and it went tumbling across the stage.

"I think the trophy designers are getting a bit lazy".


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