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Traditional musicians across the country roll their eyes once more as The Ray Darcy Show on RTE One wants to hear from 'Ireland's Saddest Family'!

Applications are being sought for a competition to find Ireland's best/saddest traditional music playing family. Stipulations for the competition include having a strong sense of paddywhackery, too much time on one's hands and a distinct lack of shame.

Self-respecting musicians all over the country breathed a huge sigh of exasperation as the mainstream media tries yet again to promote traditional music in a completely wrong light. One musician said:

"I'm sick to death of stuff like this. The show must get a great laugh out of it or else they're delusional. Sure what self-respecting musician actually likes playing music with their family the whole time?"

"Sure anytime my family play it's always on our own, in separate rooms, playing different tunes. The family that plays together, stays together? Me arse."

While some people might accuse the musicians of begrudgery, they simply point to the lack of real coverage of the traditional arts by RTE in favour of one-off piss-takes.


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