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People all over the country are registering complaints over Beoga's Witnesses going door to door preaching about the new Ed Sheehan album.

Fresh from appearing on two tracks on the new Divide album, the Beoga's Witnesses have been seen knocking on doors all over the country and asking occupants, "Have you heard about Ed Sheeran's good news?"

The traditional Irish group have gained a cult (literally) following since the album's release and have become devout followers themselves of Ed Sheehan and the message he brings to mankind. The group told The Drone about their name change:

"We changed to Beoga's Witnesses because it is a more accurate representation of what is happening in the world right now. We are witnesses to our own collaboration with Ed and the wonderful message he is bringing."

"He says that the shapes of you will soon be happier. That heart's don't break around here. That we will be perfect and live forever in a castle on the hill. He says 'save myself!' Before we would ask ourselves 'What do I know?' but now we are new men and will dive into worshipping him."

Dinners all over the country are apparently being interrupted by the group knocking on the door and preaching about the new album. The group says they have given up recording altogether to focus solely on their new found faith.

Some members of the group have received broken noses from doors being slammed in their face but according to them this will only spur them on and shows that Irish music needs Ed Sheehan to bring everybody together, purist and trazz musician alike.

"Ye shall find salvation in Ed!"


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