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An asshole currently on the phone to a local female musician, is promising great 'exposure' in place of an actual fee for musicians at a promotional event.

The organiser is currently on the lookout for suckers who are willing to take up the measly offer, and who are unaware that they are clearly being taking advantage of.

All of the usual phrases are being peddled by the caller in order to try bag some free musicians, but the female musician is not for moving.

"What the hell is this gobshite on about? I've worked bloody hard to get where I am. Does he honestly think I'm going to go to all that trouble for nothing?"

Despite only being 19 years old, the musician knows her worth and isn't swayed by the caller's promises of crisps and orange juice backstage. However, the caller is not about to give up and is coming out with some well-worn excuses.

"Sure you're teenagers aren't you? This will be great exposure, it will get your names out there for the future! There'll be a few fizzy drinks backstage too. There's no actual money, but you traditional musicians do it for the love of the music, don't you?"

The musician is even more horrified when the caller starts making elaborate demands of the musicians:

"It's a promotional concert, so if you could put together some really long sets, with some arrangements and don't leave too much time between sets, that would be great! We can't cover travel expenses but I'm sure you can get a lift from someone or a bus!"

It is thought the woman is thinking of hanging up any second now.



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