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The audience at this year’s Gradam Ceoil Awards have told The Drone at how bored they are and that they are only there for the free bar after the ceremony.

Every year the Gradam Ceoil Awards attract sell-out audiences enthusiastic for top-class traditional music, however this year’s audience has spoken of their dismay at having to sit for 2 hours just to get access to the complimentary bar afterwards.

Rumours of a complimentary bar have always filtered through the audience at previous ceremonies, but this year the audience is filled almost exclusively with people who have no interest in traditional music, but a big interest in free drink.

One audience member: “I came for the drink basically. I heard people talking about it before hand and bought a couple of tickets for my wife and I. But we didn’t know there was a catch!”

“We have to sit through 2 bleedin’ hours of ‘diddly-eye’ just to get a feckin’ free drink. We heard that only certain people get access but I’ll be damned if we leave here without getting at least a pint of vodka!”

Every year there is great anticipation as crowds gather at the awards venue, with many musicians going through the annual ritual of asking each other, “So…have ye any idea where they’re headin’ afterwards? I’m planning leaving just before the first set of tunes so I can get ahead of the crowds!”.

Excitement usually builds just before the doors open, with people attempting to identify TG4 employees and eavesdrop on their conversations in order ascertain where the post-production drinks reception will be held.

However this year’s audience is surprisingly made up of non-musicians, simply looking for a party, with many coming prepared with lists of drinks orders in an attempt to save time.

Another audience member: “I’ve heard of people queueing for ages and eventually not getting one free drink! I have my list so I’ll be getting all my drinks for the night in one go.”


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