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A local session has taken a dark turn after a regular musician's head rotated in a demonic fashion upon hearing a set up uilleann pipes tuning up behind them.

The normally placid flute player took on an 'Exorcist-like' form, when a travelling uilleann piper decided to join in their session and tune up loudly, much to the annoyance of all there. This prompted the flute player to turn their head a full 180 degrees and unleash their wrath upon the piper.

Other musicians present reported a tense and dark atmosphere following stand-off, with many reaching for their rosary beads, an item that can strangely be found in the instrument case of nearly every musician.

One local musician: "I couldn't believe when I saw it. This guy just sat down and started tuning up his pipes. Oh Jesus, it was awful. The chanter was loud enough but when he put on the drones and started tappin' that bloody hole and tuning, Christ! They were so out of tune with each other they might as well have been on different continents."

"The regs were even worse. It's like he was doing it deliberately to announce his arrival. I could see the flute player's face just turning redder and redder, and then all of a sudden his eyes glazed over, his hair grew and his head started turning. I thought he was gonna break his neck but it kept going!"

According to reports, the man stared intensely at the piper for a few minutes, however in typical fashion it took a while for the piper to notice, so deep he was in a third round of the Kesh Jig and his Paddy Keenan impression.

The piper told The Drone that the flute player looked possessed by a demon and began shouting at him in tongues. There were also reports of objects flying around and moving in a violent fashion.

"I swear to God it was the Devil himself! His whole head had twisted around and he was shouting at me in some sort of strange language I didn't understand! It was only when I got home and listened back on my recorder that I realised it was actually English, but he was speaking backwards."

"All I heard at the time was, '!yawa gniht ydoolb taht tuP', and '!esra ruoy pu retnahc taht evohs ll'I'. When I played it backwards, he was actually saying, "Put that bloody thing away!" and "I'll shove that chanter up your arse!". It was extremely disturbing."

The piper has not returned to the session since, while the flute player has been reported to the local Catholic Church, where an Exorcism involving Matt Molloy and Seamus Tansey is being organised.


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