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There were awkward scenes at the local session last night, as United States ‘First’ Daughter’, Ivanka Trump, tried foolishly to join in a conversation between musicians between sets.

Advisor and daughter to US President Donald Trump, Ivanka surprised local punters and session goers alike by turning up to the weekly session, apparently keen on establishing a rapport with locals ahead of the 2020 Trump Re-election campaign.

Trump reportedly sat down amongst the musicians and attempted to engage them in conversation as they were playing, saying “I think you guys are great”, and, “Let’s make this session great again!”.

One musician told The Drone: “Ivanka just sort of, nudged her way in between myself and the banjo player beside me. Of course, she had to try and start a conversation while we were playing. Bloody idiot. She was askin’ my mate if his banjo was a guitar and if she could have a go.”

“She wouldn’t stop so I just told her quietly that we only usually talk when the music is finished. Little did I know that this would be her cue to really try and join in the conversation.”

While the musicians discussed the contrasting styles of Tommy Potts and Michael Coleman, Ivanka awkwardly tried to join the conversation: “I really like how Harry Potts is so different from Michael Flatley. Like, one does magic, and the other dances. Although, Michael Flatley’s dancing is LIKE magic!” She smiled eagerly and nodded at her own comment.

At one point, the musicians attempted to cut her out of the circle by turning their back to her, however, Trump seemd unperturbed and would randomly shout over the group, “I really like it when you guys played the FAST songs!!”, and, “You all speak really good American!”.

“She wouldn’t give over”, another musician said, “No matter what we did, she just wouldn’t get the message. Even when it came to her round, she said her daddy would pay for it. She wouldn’t even pay herself. I still don’t know if that tab is paid…”

Before leaving, Ivanka apparently handed out Trump 2020 flyers, unaware that people in Ireland can’t actually vote in the US elections. The Drone understands that the flyers were actually in Russian, with many people claiming Ivanka was supposed to be in Russia but somehow ended up in Ireland.


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