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The immensely popular television series ‘Love Island’ is to be replaced this week by a traditional music version, aptly entitled ‘Trad Island’.

‘Love Island’, the show where young contestants vie to find true love in order to win a cash prize, is due to finish this week and will be replaced by ‘Trad Island’, a show where well known traditional musicians try to form new duets.

Instead of staying in a luxury tropical paradise, contestants will be dumped in Inis Oír, and told to find their perfect musical partner. The show’s production company, Red Shoe, who also produce the Gradam Ceoil Awards, say that interest in the show has been high.

“There has been an enormous amount of interest in Trad Island with many of Ireland’s best musicians wanting to take part. It is very different from ‘Love Island’ because in this show musicians will have to find their perfect musical partner.”

“We already have some really high profile musicians going out to Inis Oír, including Frankie Gavin, the Kane Sisters, Noel Hill, Tony Linnane, Mary Bergin Johnny McDonagh, Joe Burke, Anne Conroy-Burke, and many more.”

Contestants will vie with each other to find a musical partner that suits them best, with the winners only able to receive the cash prize if they form a real duet, causing controversy for the already established duets entering the house.

Musicians who will watch the show have already been giving their tuppence worth and guessing who will end up with who, and what gossip will emerge.

One musician told The Drone: “There are already a few interesting duets going in already. Sure Noel Hill and Tony Linnane are already together, but Frankie Gavin will be there so Noel could leave Tony high and dry.”

“But sure Frankie will be looking for another accordion player I’m sure, seeing as he’s gone through so many already. And what about the Burkes? Maybe Anne could form an all-female duet with Mary Bergin. But what will Joe do? He might get voted out fairly early on.”


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