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Three hostages escaped unharmed after the mini-bus that operates between Miltown Malbay and Coore was hijacked by two unidentified musicians earlier this morning.

The famous late night bus, which traditionally shuttles partying musicians to the small townland of Coore during the Willie Clancy Week, was apparently boarded by two masked musicians around 1:00am this morning who promptly threw the driver off and began driving down the Spanish Point road towards Coore.

Three people were on board the bus at the time and were taken hostage by the hijackers for a short time. A Garda spokesperson told The Drone:

“The hijackers were seen driving in the direction of Coore at around 1:00am with three hostages on board. They subsequently made a call to Miltown Malbay Garda Station where they made a number of demands in return for the release of the hostages.”

“They requested that the pub in Coore be open all night for a lock-on with all their musician friends allowed in, a king-size box of Tayto crisps, a slab of Bulmers and for Noel Hill to be delivered to the pub so they can play with him.”

The hijackers did not get far however, as they crashed the bus just outside Quilty where the hostages made their escape unharmed. One of the hostages spoke to The Drone about his ordeal:

“To be honest I slept throught he whole thing. I was in the Central all night and on me way home. I only woke up when I felt a sudden ‘thud’ and realised we’d crashed. These two lads in balaclavas were arguing so I just slipped out the back with the two others. It’s a good thing we were in Quilty ‘cause we managed to get a drink in the Quilty Tavern while we waited for the filth to arrive.”

It is believed that the hijackers were two disgruntled musicians who had travelled from Galway. Upon their arrest, they were heard shouting, “WHY IS IT ONLY DURING THE WILLIE CLANCY WEEK? PEOPLE SHOULD BE ALLOWED PARTY IN COORE EVERY WEEK! ATTICA! ATTICA!!!”

Garda have not released the identities of the two suspects, only their mugshots which can be seen below:


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