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Following this week's mind-blowing (literally) episode of 'Game of Thrones', it would be hard to out do George R.R. Martin...However with two piping stalwarts in this week's 'Game of Drones' we have a seriously good chance. Welcome to the arena Willie Clancy and Tommy Reck!

Willie Clancy:

Arguably the poster boy for the uilleann piping tradition in Ireland (although Seamus Ennis and Johnny Doran might have something to say about that). Hailing from the 'House of Islandbawn', Willie was exposed to music from a very young age, learning whistle and flute from the age of 5. Growing up in the music mecca that is Miltown Malbay, Willie has the music in his blood and is known for his energetic and joyful style of fighting...he relishes the battle! Unlike other pipers he has the most famous of all Irish music festivals named in his honour and thus, can call on an army of followers to back him up in a fight. His carpentry skills also come in handy, giving him the ability to make his own deadly weapons from the scrappiest piece of wood. His signature move 'The Ravelled Hank of Death', is lethal and results in instant paralysis and then death!

Tommy Reck:

Coming from the same generation as Willie Clancy, Tommy Reck hails from 'The House of Liberties' in Dublin. An unassuming personality, Tommy has the ability to lure opponents into a false sense of security...this is when Tommy makes his move. His predominantly closed finger style of piping makes it difficult for other fighters to pick holes in his defence...The presence of his 'Liberties' compatriot, fiddler Tommy Potts, makes for a deadly combination, confusing opponents with intricate ornamentation and interpretation. Tommy often smokes a pipe while playing and it is thought that the 'tobacco' gives him special powers, allowing him to tap into the fighting techniques of the uilleann pipers of old. His signature move 'The Recking Ball', has the ability to completely knock out his enemies who he finishes off with a lethal dose of 'poison tobacco'.

This fight was almost too close to call. Tommy lands a clean blow of his 'Recking Ball' which leaves Willie punch-drunk but still standing, allowing him to call on his reinforcements. His annual musical following from Miltown leads a stampede which ultimately overwhelms Tommy.

Verdict: Willie Clancy wins!


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