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Following the penultimate episode of 'Game of Thrones' we reach the penultimate edition of 'Game of Drones', inching ever closer to the 'Iron Drone'. This week features legendary member of 'The Bothy Band', Paddy Keenan and wonderful multi-instrumentalist Louise Mulcahy. Let battle commence!

Paddy Keenan

Like his childhood neighbour Finbar Furey, Paddy Keenan grew up surrounded by music and was almost raised by it. His wild style of piping is a reflection of his character in battle; a flurry of ornamentation and virtuosity leaving you in a daze. Taking advantage of this, Paddy can then strike a killer blow with his signature move, 'The Hat's off to You'. His recogniseable hat is made of solid steel which he uses as a boomerang akin to 'OddJob' of 'Goldfinger' fame. He is also able to use his own long, locks of hair to strangle opponants. Being a member of one of traditional music's most famous groups 'The Bothy Band' also has its uses. He is able to call on the other members in time of need to form 'The Night's-Bothy Band', a fierce band that will fight to the hilt in defence of this (metaphorical!) traditional music wall. This 'Wildling' is a match for anyone!

Louise Mulcahy

Despite an obvious age gap between our two competitors this certainly doesn't take away from Louise's abilities in battle. Hailing from 'Abbeyfeale's Landing' in Limerick, Louise has been honing her fighting skills from an early age. Her researching abilities as allowed her to tap into fighting moves from masters of the past giving her a distinct advantage. Louise is known both for uilleann piping and the flute with her being able to wield both at the same time to overcome her enemies. She is also the only person to have won 4 All-Ireland Titles in one day, which is thought gives her special fighting powers. Louise also has the ability to deceive opponants, changing outfit multiple times mid-battle in an attempt to confuse and give her an upperhand over opponants. In times of need she is able to call on 'The Mulcahy Family' to assist her in battle with the sheer power of their music being able to withstand any blow!

An interesting battle that mixed gracefulness and power. Paddy misses with his signature move but his hat does not return! Someone in the crowd holds onto it, typical match in Ireland...While he is distracted Louise pounces, strangling Paddy with her flute.

Verdict: Louise Mulcahy wins!


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