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By Adolf McMahon

In an extraordinary set of circumstances, renowned flautist Mike McGoldrick left Germany last weekend minus a limb: his tapping foot.

The foot, which he changes in a Worzel Gummidge type fashion before he performs on stage, went missing following a successful concert in Germany, a disappearance which so far has had no witnesses.

“After the gig, we were bundled into a van and taken to a party. We were well on it by the time we left and it was only when I arrived back in Manchester that I realised it wasn't in the pipe case. It was an old 'Rowsome' tapping foot that i picked up cheap in an antique shop yrs ago. I don't think the guy in the shop knew what it was or he probably would have charged me an arm or two".

Since the disappearance, a number of rumours have been circulating. Bodhrán player John Joe Kelly has been unavailable for an interview while one of the German promoters thought he saw piper John McSherry trade it for a box of cigarettes around 3am.

In a seperate incident, John McSherry missed his flight back to Belfast and hasn't been seen since but he is likely to turn up in Maddens bar over the next few weeks. For the moment, Mike says he will have to use his normal foot to keep in time but will his performances be what they were? Keep an eye on 'The Drone' to find out.


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