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A local Ard-Comhairle member has staunchly opposed the idea of same-instrument marriage at a community debate focussed on the national issue.

Patsy Leary, High Chancellor of Ballyballbag Cult-Ass and leader of the Ballyballbag Chamber of Commerce called the notion of same traditional instrument players being married as an unholy matrimoney with huge repurcussions for traditional music values.

Leary gave examples of fiddle players marrying where they have broken up after disagreeing on styles and sessions that have ended because of the same-instrument players sharing the same bed.

"I don't know where these people get their ideas from. They must be lookin' at too much American television or these European arthouse movies where ye have two fiddlers fiddlin' with each other. It's not natural."

"The Irish music God Jimmy Shand never intended it to be that way. And here we have two accordion player marrying accordion player and flute players marrying flute players. They're all goin' to hell! That Craiceann festival!"

Leary made the comments at a community debate which included a panel of lay people, accompanists, singers and musicians. Many musicians have laughed off the notion saying there is no evidence to suggest that same-instrument marriage affects the music.

"We're quite surprised really! There's no evidence to show that it makes any difference and certainly none to show that children with same-instrument parents take up the same isntrument at all."


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