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A bartender currently waiting for a local session to finish up so he can close genuinely believes that the musicians are playing their very last set of tunes however the musicians secretly have other plans.

The barman, under the false assumption that the musicians are about to pack up and go home, cleaned the bar and told people to leave. But the unknownst to him the musicians have no intention of going anywhere and plan to stay the rest of the night.

Barry, who is new to working in the traditional session bar, is a bit naive and thinks that the set of jigs they are playing is the last of the night but the musicians know very well that you cannot finish the night on anything other than reels which they plan to keep churning out until the early hours.

The barman's thoughts reveal his naivety: "I bet this is the last set now. Jesus it's a fairly long one alright. God I can't wait to get home and get a good nights sleep for tomorrow."

"Feck sake, all these tunes sound the same to me. They've been playin' non-stop the last 15 minutes, will they ever shut up and go home. Ah one's giving me a nod there to say it's the last set. Great!"

However the musician is actually ordering another round of drinks, much to the Barry's dismay. This is a clear indication of the musicians' plans however Barry still doesn't get the message they are there for the long haul.

The Vintner's Federation Ireland has in the past criticised musicians for lulling bartender's into a false sense of security regarding bed-time, this is despite the fact that many of the more rual publicans live above the pub itself.

Musicians have called the attitude of the barmen 'lazy' and that they should loosen up and have a lock in every now again as it 'doesn't do any harm'. But in Barry's case, it appears that the musicians won't be telling.

"Sure he'll be grand. He's bringing over another round a drinks so we're not going anywhere fast. We'll say "Ah sure we'll play one more" before every set, just to mess with his head!"


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