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The finale of the Gradam Ceoil Awards was ruined last night after a pair of male streakers took to the stage in front of a live television audience.

This was the first time the awards were being televised live, a risky decision considering the pit-falls of live-television, especially concerning music, however no-one could have foreseen the addition of male-genetalia.

During the finale performance featuring the award recipients, two men took to the stage wearing absolutely nothing and proceeded to shake themselves and set-dance naked to the music. One female audience member described the incident:

"They came out of nowhere really. I don't know how security missed them! But sure I'm not gonna complain, usually ye have to pay up to €50 euro to go and see the Chippendales if ye want a performance like that!"

"They came out, did a helicopter and started set-dancing along with the music. I think one of them had Mairtin O'Connor's face tattoed onto his backside aswell. Really strange..."

It is thought that the streakers were set-dancers, angry that the awards don't cater for the dancing community. Many dancers feel that the argument over which came first, the dancing or the music is much like the chicken and egg argument.

Commissioning Editor for TG4 Proinsias Ní Ghráinne condemned the streakers saying that they did not represent the wdier dancing community and only served to damage their own campaign.

"TG4 wants to apologise to any musicians who were offended by the presence of the set-dancers, especially the ones who were streaking. We promise that next year's awards will be a genetalia-free zone."


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