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An enjoyable evening of music and dance was ruined yesterday when a crossroads dance was interrupted by a boy racer's wheelspinning and donutting.

The incident happened in County Leitrim when people had gathered at a local crossroads in Effrinagh to recreate an old Irish tradition but little did they know that their revelry clashed with a boy racer's plan to pull pointless manouvres in crappy souped up hatchback.

Musicians and dancers watched on as the local idiot donutted amongst the sets and spun his wheels out, creating copious amounts of smoke in an attempt to look 'cool'. Dancer Edwina Guckian was amongst the witnesses and expressed her outrage.

"No-one could believe it really. This lad just pulled up in his monstrosity of a car and made a laughable attempt at a Leitrim 'Fast and the Furious' with his burnouts and donuts. He completely ruined the dance."

"Yer man has the IQ of a plastic bag, a Tesco one, not even a fancy one. I don't get it. It's a shitty Citreon with a spoiler and it's purple."

Witnesses say the boy racer spun around a few times in an attempt to move in time to the music but failed miserably, only serving to put of both the musicians and the dancers. A number of flute players had to be brought to hospital due to inhaling smoke created by the car's moves.

This isn't a first for the area though. In the late 1800s, young boy racer's regularly turned up unexpectantly to crossroads dances in their souped up horse and cart as seen in the picture to the right. They performed a few manouvres and trotted off back to their shed.

Locals identified the boy racer as 'Anto', a regular attendee of gatherings of crappy cars and their moronic owners. Musicians have vowed not to be put off by the incident and promise to try and inject some culture into the racer's lives.


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