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The fallout from this year's All-Ireland Fleadh continues as one of this year's big winners takes to Facebook to tell the world of his 'amazing' achievements, prompting a wave of insincerity from family and friends alike.

After posting a detailed account of the wonderful time he had in Sligo, listing the countless senior competitions he won, thanking everyone for supporting him over the last few years and for watching his appearance on Fleadh TV, the man received an outpouring of insincere and two faced messages 'congratulating' him on his achievements.

Barry O'Connor, 38, from Ballyverruca, a small village 10 miles east of Ballybunion, appeared overwhelmed at the two-faced support he encountered on Facebook and promptly thanked everyone again for their kind words.

"It's unbelieveable really. I never expected this sort of reaction. I'm just a country lad innocently putting my achievements up on the intraweb and if someone takes the time to like the post or send a message, great! I'm not one for the limelight ye know."

"I just put a short message telling people that after all these years I finally won every competition on my chosen instruments. I'm delighted! I won the slow airs fiddle, flute and whistle, the miscellaneous where I played the tuba and the accompaniment where I played the tabla. Now that I've gotten this validation from an adjudicator who just came out of the womb I can finally start 'playing' the music!"

Barry's posts also listed Chairman Lau, the entire Ard-Comhairle board, his branch of Cult-Ass, his family and his friends. It also told people how priviledged he was to be playing on the street in the rain for Fleadh TV.

Of the messages he received, the majority of them appeared to be insincere and/or passive aggressive: "OMG!!!!! I am sooooooooo happy for you! I've never won or even entered because I think they're completely meaningless especially the senior category...but yaaaaaaaaay! Hugs and kisses!"

One message from Andy Mulcahy read: "Fecking great news man. I'm really happy for you. We'll definately meet for pints and a tune soon. I'll call you though, don't call me." While one from Conor O'Brien simply read: "well done"

Speaking to one of his friends, The Drone was told that people are sick and tired of hearing about every meaningless event in Barry's life:

"Jesus would yer man give over. You'd swear he was a rockstar or something the way he's going on. If he puts that trohy in my face one more time I'll put it somewhere he won't be able to remove it from until next year's Fleadh!"


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