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A local session is slowly beginning to turn sour as an unknown, visiting fiddler goes into his 6th reel of what is becoming an unbearable set of tunes.

The man, who calls himself Steve and hails from the US, sat in with the unsuspecting musicians just moments ago and wasted no time in ticking off his acquaintances by lashing into a selection only seconds after another had finished prompting them to sit in an awkward silence and question 'Who the hell is this guy?'

Right now he is currently in his 6th tune and showing no signs of stopping but is instead enthusiastically calling out the names of the next tunes. However his fellow musicians are beginning to show signs of agitation as one of their thoughts reveal:

"Looks at this gobshite. Sits in without asking or introducin' himself and just lashes into these tunes. Cheeky bollocks. Ah Jesus, he's gone into another one. When is it gonna end!?"

"The first one or two fine, let him away with it but for feck sake, 6 tunes?! And we were havin' a nice tune here too. Feck it. I guess I'll just have to be pissed off for the rest of the night instead of sayin' somethin' to him."

The visitor shows no signs of stopping as the mood takes a very grim turn and the other musicians' silence turns to death stares which he seems completely impervious to along with any idea of session etiquette.

Unfortunately the local musicians begin to lose heart and sit miserably through the man's scratchy attempt at largely unknown tunes only found in Cult-Ass books.


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