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Reports are emerging from Galway of sightings of a ghostly apparition in the shape of a tall, long white haired bouzouki player on the grounds of Oranmore Castle.

Locals have told The Drone that the figure is often seen roaming around the castle itself, with white hair flowing in the breeze and carrying what seems to be a Greek-style bouzouki, prompting superstitious observers to speculate as to the origins of the ghost.

Many have said that the spectre is of a king from centuries ago while others say that it is an old bard from the time of the Celts. Galway ghost expert Taibhse O'Kelly says that the castle has had a long history of bouzouki playing ghosts.

"The first time a bouzouki playing ghost was seen there was back in the 1980s although that apparition seemed to have a bit more colour in its hair and a slightly different looking bouzouki. But it seemed to appear over the years, often in different clothing and at different times of the day and night."

"These new sightings come as no surprise considering the history of the castle as many other ghosts reside there. Stange noises also seem to emanate from the ground level area at night time, resembling a sort of tinkling, stringy sound."

Locals are said to be terrified of the castle and refuse to set foot on the grounds for fear of coming face to face with the ghost. In a strange turn of events, some people have reported seeing the ghost wandering round the village, drinking in local bars and shopping in the local Tesco.


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