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A major gaming company has today unveiled plans to release a Virtual Reality headset that can create environtments so realistic that it will allow bodhran players to experience what it is like to be a real musician for the first time.

Virtual reality has in the past been viewed merely as a gimmick as experiences often led to disappointment by users due to the poor quality of the product. However this is soon to change with bodhran players being the first to benefit from the new technology.

Developers say that they targeted bodhran players as they felt that they received a bad rap from many actual musicians and decided to try and give something back for putting up with years of abuse.

"We always looked at bodhran players with disgust, just like many other people. But it got to a point where we were like, 'maybe we should do something to make them feel a bit better about themselves'. This is where the VR headsets come in."

"We've created experiences so real, that even the most braindead of bodhran players will be able to feel that sense of pride provided by accomplishing the difficult task of playing an instrument. This is the first device of it's kind that will provide that feeling to these goatskin bashers."

With the VR headset on and wires plugged into their bodhran and tipper, bodhran players will be able to experience playing difficult traditional tunes at the right tempo on a variety of instruments and receive acclaim and praise from a virtual, interactive audience. Left is an image of what they would see.

The creation has been praised in bodhran circles all over the world. Even Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg gave a thumbs up to the headset saying: "I can't believe that bodhran players will finally get to take part in traditional music without having to damage a real audiences hearing! Fantastic!"

The Drone spoke to a local bodhran player about this technological leap forward and think we got the gist of what he was saying:

"*grunt* Bodhran good...*grunt* Me like new hat...*grunt* Make me feel like music player...*grunt*"


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