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Traditional music sessions in Donegal are being overrun by hordes of trad playing Stormtroopers, much to the annoyance of local musicians.

Following commencement of filming of the latest Star Wars film, sessions all over Donegal including Malin Head have seen an increase in footsoldiers for the Galactic Empire taking part in local sessions.

This has left many musicians frustrated at not being able to take part in their regular tune as seat space is limited due to the size of some of the pubs. One musicians explains:

“This started a couple of weeks ago. At first there was just the odd Stormtrooper, maybe even a Wookie. But it wasn’t long before it got out of hand. Now we can’t even find a seat for the amount of Stormtroopers.”

“We always used to have a tune in the local but now we forced to stand and listen. They’re not even that good. They just keep playing the same tune over and over again, The Imperial March. Sometimes they call it by different names, ‘East of Glen Darth’, ‘I buried the Jedi and danced on top of his grave’, and ‘The Death Star of Munster’. Don’t they know we don’t play them up in Donegal?”

Episode 8 of Star Wars began filming in Donegal to much fanfare and excitement has only increased with sightings of the Millenium Falcon being built on the Malin Head peninsula.

However the local musicians are not buying into the hype and have tried everything to make the Stormtroopers move on.

“One of the other musicians tried a Jedi mind trick on them. He went up to them and said ‘These aren’t the tunes you’re looking for.’ It didn’t work and they just froze him in carbonite.”


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