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RTE Radio host and musician Kieran Hanrahan has announced that he plans to strip off to his bare skin during the first live broadcast of Ceili House in 2017.

In a move peaking many people’s interest, the Clare native has said that the show has needed a kickstart and has become something of a lame horse, ”but what better way to livin it up than stripping down to your birthday suit!”

The annual housedance in Antoin MacGabhann’s in County Meath, the show’s usual new year opener on the first Saturday of January, will be the scene of the crime and according to Kieran is the perfect way to bring in the new year.

“I’ve been doing this show for years now and it’s about time we tried something left of field. There are only so many boring functions during the year one can go to and pretend to be excited about that the production team needed a change as much as the format itself.”

“I think the housedance in Baltrasna will be a perfect location. My bulging pecks will be the perfect antidote to the zimmer-frame set dancers that’ll be flailing about that night. I won't be able to resist bringing out some moves to the great music!”

Hanrahan also told The Drone that he isn’t worried about the cold Janury temperatures as there is usually a bonfire lit outside and the sheer number of musicians sweating away half their bodyfat from playing for unforgiving dancers inside, will make sure that there is enough heat given off to keep him nice and warm.

The news has drawn different reactions from the traditional world. Some musicians have praised the move calling it ‘brave’ and even descending into the world of ‘performance art’. Others have said that Kieran certainly has ‘the body for radio’ to pull it off.

“Of course there are going to be detractors. But I’m a typical Clare man and won’t let things that that affect my modesty. I tell you, there won’t be enough flutes at that house dance that’ll even compare!”


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