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There were more instruments than humans on a recent flight from Japan as traditional Irish musician Cormac Begley bought a plane seat for each of his 80 concertinas.

The Dingle Prince purchased every one of his concertinas an Economy Seat instead of taking the risk of them being damaged in the overhead compartments, leaving many passengers complaining about wheezy concertinas instead of snorers or crying babies.

Begley, one third of the trio Concertina, is renowned for his collection of instruments in various keys and told The Drone that this type of travel would be common practice nowadays.

"The concertina is really fashionable at the moment and flying with your instrument next to you is almost like a status symbol. They have to be tied own though, especially the concertinas because if there is any bit of turbulence, you don't want a low-low D one flying at your head."

"It's better they each have a seat as you don't know how they will move about in the overhead compartments. I keep each one covered in a silk cloth too as I don't want them being disturbed during the flight."

Cormac told The Drone that they also have passports to ensure a speedy passage through customs. A fellow passenger took a photo of the concertinas that has since gone viral and told reporters that it was quite a surprise to be sharing the cabin with so many reed instruments.

"I fly economy all the time so you'd have to expect to see some strange things but this was a first for me. It was like a sea of reeds and bellows. I haven't seen so many concertinas in one place since I went to that ICE concert."


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