Islamic State terror group ISIS has threatened to 'cut out the tongue' of anyone who uses the word 'Deis', prompting many musicians to avoid applying to the Arts Council for funding.

The 'Deis Recording and Publication Grant' has come under fire from terror group ISIS who appear to have mixed up the Arts Council award with the derogatory term 'Daesh' that is often used to describe ISIS.

As a result, many traditional musicians have received warnings from the Islamic terror group and are now afraid to apply for money to record albums for fear of reprisal. One musician told The Drone:

"I'm afraid to even leave the house. The other day they released a video with Joe Cooley playing in the background, threatening to cut the tongue out of anyone they hear playing traditional music."

"We're all afraid to even whisper the word 'Deis'. Well, we were afraid to mention it before what with the amount of work involved and the fact you're selling your soul to the Devil, but now we won't go near the word!"

The Arts Council have tried to allay fears by contacting ISIS through 'inside sources' but this has apparently angered them even more, saying that now they 'do not agree with making traditional musicians jump through hoops for money they probably won't get'.

Traditional musicians are now under armed guard as ISIS attempt to infiltrate sessions all over the country.


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